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Help young people of school going age to choose correct career paths in line with their identity and assist learners with learning challenges that may hinder this process at this level.

This can be achieved by:
1) providing Self-Awareness programmes that address issues of identity
2) Conducting various psychometric tests to aid with Self- Discovery
3) Conducting IQ, EQ, AQ tests together with Psychosocial assessments and Learning Disability tests
4) Learner Mentorships/ Shadowing and Exposure to the work environment; all programmes which Mustard Seed Foundation is able to provide and facilitate.

Mustard Seed Foundation has packaged this solution into an all-encompassing programme for Grade 9 learners, providing support all the way through to the first years of work as professional. For a single Grade 9 learner, this means:

- Intensive, all year Grade 9 MSF Programme (IQ, EQ, AQ Assessments, Psychosocial Assessments and Learning Disability tests, Mentorship/ Shadowing, Career Relevant Subject Choice Assistance, and the relevant social support as the need arises.