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The purpose of the online program is to help grade 12 learners with tutoring for the next 5 months focused during the pandemic 2020 academic year and prepare them for the final exam.

Introduction and background
Learners have been at home for quite some time, and home schooling has been the expected notion however not every learner is in a position to be supported with homeschooling by their parents as some live with uneducated grandparents, or have parents that lack interest to help them or their parents teaching does not reach their understanding capacity so we want to come and close the gap for the time lost by means of online tutoring through our whatsapp groups, video calling, voice notes and etc.

To see learners being able to write and pass their exams without any panic and of course with good marks, to get university entrance.

  • • Tutorial Moditela Secondary learners who are in matric by means of whatsapp groups or one on one with the learner if they are unable to learn in a group
  • • Tutorial will only take place for three days per week, which is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Two hours per day and another hour for questions.
  • • Tuesdays and Thursdays are for days which one on one sessions will take place whereby a learner is given special attention. This is going to take an hour unless the session is not done and an extra 30 minutes can be given to the learner.
  • • Three days of the tutorial per week will be given for each chapter depending on the length of the chapter and the learning ability of the learners
  • • Learners are given a test every week for the chapter to be able to assess how far they can go, but at this point it will be a bit of a strain as we are not allowed to meet. Homework will be given to the learners after each chapter to substitute for the test.
  • • Monday, Wednesday and Friday tutorial time from 11:00-13-00
  • • One on one session would be from 12:00-13:00 if extended by 30 minutes is going to be 12:00-13:30
  • • Since we have 95 Learners from grade 12 and they are all doing English as a compulsory subject, but not everyone struggles with it, so those who come forth will be given attention. If 50% needs help, the groups can be divided into two or three groups.
  • • If learners are doing mathematics and are above 60%, each tutor will have their group since we have 3 tutors for mathematics.
  • • Accounting has one tutor so if more than 40% does it groups will be divided and days or tutoring will also extend to weekends.
  • • Life science has one tutor so if more than 40% does it groups will be divided into two with different time slots

Kelebone will be tutoring mathematics.
Sello will be tutorial Life science and mathematics.
Tshego will be tutoring English and mathematics.
Lesego will be tutoring Accounting.

Those who will be tutoring two subjects will still be using the days mentioned above but with different time slots.

Resources needed
Curriculum and weekly plan for teachers.
Study guides for each subject mentioned.
Previous question papers and solutions for each subjects mentioned.
The current textbooks.
Data for online sessions for both tutors and learners.
Electronic devices for learners that might not have.